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The weekly calls with fellow learners has helped me feel part of a group working towards the same goal and sharing the same struggles in learning. We learn from each other and from our instructor. Working through the translation exercises helps me check my answers and allows me to contribute to the learning of others when I speak of any insights I have. Asking questions in the community is also helpful because there are always answers from those further advanced.

Michael Hannah
Greek Mastery Member

Having a support system makes all the difference in the world. Besides the accountability, you also have people encouraging you to continue on and you have ready access to help whenever you get stuck on anything.

Michele Lewis
Greek Mastery Member

Having a community has provided me with impetus and accountability in order to progress in my goals. I have been able to discuss misconceptions with like minded people in an atmosphere free from academic and religious judgement.

Neil Ellson
Greek Mastery Member

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